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Remember Mothers Bracelet

Remember Mothers Bracelet

Personalized Mothers Bracelets

Price: $55.99
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Item Description
The Remember Our Troops mother's bracelet provides a brilliant burst of yellow with its combination of large yellow freshwater pearls woven between bold citrine Swarovski crystals. The design is finished with four large and four petite sterling silver rings that appear to flutter when you wear the mother's bracelet.

Yellow Swarovski Crystals - personalized jewelry features
The Remember mothers bracelet features handcrafted Bali style accents. These sterling silver beads and toggle are created by craftsmen by hand and sometimes have slight variations from the image shown.

- 15 grams approx total weight (as shown) of sterling silver, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals

- Large 5.5mm sterling silver letters (not shown)

- 6 large freshwater pearls in yellow

- 8 sterling silver Bali rings

- 2 intricately detailed filigree Bali style beads

- Finished with a petite sterling silver toggle

Personalized Jewelry that is Uniquely Yours
The Remember mothers bracelet is pictured without a name. However, you can personalize this bracelet and have a name or unit added. Your design may differ slightly depending upon the length of your bracelet.

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Remember to add 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch (approximately .70cm to 1.25cm) to your wrist size.

Mother's Bracelet Size Conversion

Wrist Size
Bracelet Size
Bracelet Size
6.00 6.50 16.50cm
6.25 6.75 17.15cm
6.50 7.00 17.75cm
6.75 7.25 18.50cm
7.00 7.50 19.00cm
7.25 7.75 19.75cm
7.50 8.00 20.30cm
7.75 8.25 21.00cm
8.00 8.50 21.50cm
8.25 8.75 22.25cm
8.50 9.00 23.00cm
Mothers Bracelets | Selecting the Proper Size
The sizes listed for our Mothers Bracelets represent the actual size of the bracelet when worn (with the toggle clasp closed) in inches. The proper size for our Mothers Bracelets is to add 1/4 inch (0.6cm to 0.7cm) to your wrist size for a slightly snug fit or add 1/2 inch (1.25cm) for a slightly loose fit.

First, measure your wrist with a soft tape measure between the base of your hand and your wrist bone (the small knobby bump on your wrist). This is generally the second smallest measurement on your lower arm and just slightly larger than where most women wear their watches. I prefer a slightly snug fit and add a 1/4 inch (0.6cm to 0.7cm) to my wrist size so that the letters on my mother's bracelet remain on the top of the my wrist. Most of my clients add 1/2 inch (1.25cm) to their wrist size as they prefer a looser fit and like their mother's bracelets to have a little more movement.

The most popular sizes for our Mothers Bracelets are:
  • 6.5 inches (petite)
  • 7.0 inches (small) - most popular
  • 7.5 inches (medium) - most popular
  • 8.0 inches (large)
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